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We Are PQFault

PQfault is a Company which develops computer programs for the simulation and analysis of Electrical Power Systems. It's products products designed for use by Electrical Power System Utilities, Electrical Consultants and Universities for both teaching and research and PQFault is a Windows based P.C. program used for the analysis and simulation of electrical power systems. Power Systems with up to 32,000 busbars can be modeled and analysed. By being able to calculate the flows of active power, reactive power, voltage and current levels within a electrical power system and identifying these parameters when they exceed predetermined limits it can be an invaluable tool to aid both the design and the reliable and cost effective operation of an H.V. power system.

A mimic panel style network display is used, all lines, generators, transformers and loads have their own circuit breakers, which the user opens or closes, to control whether they are included in the analysis or not. PQFault is designed on a modular basis so that users need only purchase the options they require.